Vatican – meeting with Pope Ferenc

The 2016. Cycling memory tour for a peaceful World
Cycling peace tour in a year of  saint Marton and the clemency’s year

The distance of the tour:
3-4000 km – on two wheels

the patrons of the tour
Érszegi Márk Aurél I o. advisable, first assigned diplomat

Gianlucca Volpi
Udine university a historian’s professor

Nagy Kálmán
The director of Maktar foundation

Let’s go:

Eger: the 05.07.2016 9.00 Basilica

Budapest: the 06.07.2016 9.00 Basilica

Arrival: Budapest: the 15.08.2016 Basilica

The programs of a tour:

The 05.07.2016 – 09.07 Hungary Catholic Church centres .(Eger, Budapest, Esztergom, Pannonhalma)
09.07.2016 – 10.07.2016  Szombathely Szent Márton festival
12.07.2016 Lendva – Visiting the Hunagrian consul – meeting with Hungarians’ association
15.07.2016 Ljubjan – Visiting the Hungarian Embassy – meeting with local Hungarian’s association and with the foundation’s president Nova Gorica – Doberdo plateau – Isonzó Express program
23-24.07.2016. Varese – Visiting Hungarians in Varese

25.07.2016 Milan – visiting the Hungarian Consul

27.07.2016 Pavia –Taking a look of the Saint Martino Siccomario

05-09.08.2016 Rome –Visiting the Vatican and the Hungarian Embassy
10.08.2016 Vatican – audience of the pope

After my 2014-2015 bike tour which closed with a big international success and an acknowledgement I set the final goal to bike to the Vatican in 2016 because of the year of Saint Marton and the year of the clemency.
Through Eger – Budapest – Esztergom – I got to Pannonhalma and after that to Szombathely in the course of my road I faced the local Catholic high offices.
Following the Saint Marton pilgrim road. I came to Slovenia, than to Lendva where I could meet the Hungarian condul and met the leader of the Hungarians of that place.

I made an inspecting bypass in Croatia to see Muraszentmárton one of the pilgrim place.
Because the aim of the tour was the Big War I commemorate at the doberdo plateau and Isonzo valley.

After my arrival in Nova Gorica we received the Isonzó Express and their passengers with more than hundred Hungarians.

We visited through four days the cemeteries of the Isonso valley.

In Ljubjana I was a guest in the Hungarian embassy and met the deputy mayor with a lord and the local Hungarian nationalities.

My mission touched Venice and the Peleus Lake.

In Varese the program was the same visiting the Hungarians visiting
I enjoyed the hospitality of the Hungarian Embassy in Milan.

Following I biked to Pavia, then to Saint Martino Siccomario and took a look at the Saint Marton cathedral, and meeting some locals.

I didn’t left out Genova, Pisa, Livorno, Civitaveccia as well.

I met the Hungarian foreign affairs organs’ leaders in Rome and in Vatican.

At the 10th of August 2016 I met personally the pope on his audience.
The press conferences, the local one and informing foreign country media amounted to the important part of the tour from the events, from the procession of the tour, his aim, his formation, his results. After meeting More than thousand people enriched the program where I wish to mediate the message of my mission, I call the attention of the public opinion for the senselessness of the war and his inhumanity concerned.
On more festive receptions where I could meet with truth participation, mayors, politicians, statesmen, First World War traditionalist with associations, with a foreign affairs office’s high-ranking representatives, Hungarian organisation could made the program so interesting.

Commemoration program being attached to a tour:
– Isonzo express reception
– Sveto official commemoration, respect, wreathing

The route of a tour and his capital stations

Eger – Budapest – Esztergom – Pannonhalma – Szombathely – Lendva – Ljubjana – Goricia – Varese – Milan – Rome-Vatican
Hungary –Croatia– Slovenia – Italy – Vatican