2009. Az EL CAMINO zarándok úton a „Világvégére”

sp-o-2-520I have paid attention … why should a peacecycler go on foot – pushing a bicycle beside him with a wooden headboard on it – as a pilgrim the famous Camino route? I do not know, perhaps the best explanation is the following quote:

“The traveler must first knock at every stranger`s door until he come to his own”
Even prior to 2009 I rode my bike from Budapest to Lisbon passing by Venice, the Lake Garda, Milan, Genova, Corsica, ride through the French Riviera, Monaco, Cannes, Marseille, Barcelona and the Spanish land, Madrid, Lisbon.

I had already decided  at this point to go back and go through the world’s most famous pilgrim path of St. James’ Way at El Camino.

September 11th, 2010,  Budapest Beke Ter -Peace Square

I start my trip with a peace wooden headboard – it has signals,messages of people, cities on it.
I pitch the headborard in Finister as a memento, what I was carrying with me.
Nearly I take the same route as in 2009 to Barcelona. Then in Barcelona from the port where  the Christopher Columbus monument is, I go further in direction of Zaragoza, Pamplona until the French Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port.
This is the beginning of Route St. James, the starting place of the pilgrimage.
The headboard along the trip was attached to the bycicle frame making it difficult to paddle. The headboard made this famous pilgrim place a little bit Hungarian. For Hungarians it had a heart-warming to hear:

Salute to Barcelona, than towards to Mallorca along the seashore and wreathe in  Burgos`s ruins.
My final destination is Finisterre on a peninsula.  In the tip of the peninsula – arriving from Santiago de Compostela through the mountains – there is a lighthouse.  According to the traditions by reaching out there, the  wanderer bathing  at sunset, cleanse his body in the ocean believing that the soul catharses as well.
Under  the lighthouse – the wanderer also discards from the last pieces of  the past and burns his clothes.  So did I!

During my trip through I preached non-violence and peace.
I was passing trough the seething, full with assassinations in Spain, in Basque land.

Many people asked … … ..  Why do I do?  Am I not afraid?
Weird questions …
Should I?  Should I fear?  No!!