2015/2. Ciprusi Béketúra

They call it Aphrodite Island because according to the Greek mythology the beauty's and a love's goddess originates from here. The legend keeps it that, Aphrodite on this island stepped out from the sea.

The easternmost island of the Mediterranean Sea lies in the intersection of three continents. The country's capital is Nicosia which can be found on the middle part of the island.

Since 1974 the country is split into two pieces because of the political look and there is Hungarian UN peacekeepers guards who are take care for the peace.


1. day: Athenaeum Hungarian contingent field visit / UN peace maintain /


  • A camp's presentation – getting acquainted with the ones accomplishing a service there
  • Band bandage on  the trees of the camp's area
  • Introspection of the life in camp's commander and the officers accomplishing a service there and soldiers
  • The passing of gifts


2. day: Getting acquainted with Cyprus West sides


  • Agia Napa, Protaras
  • Inspection from outside of  Ormideia and Xylofagou which are English base. This base is until the today's day is Great Britain's territory. Unfortunately it was not possible to take a photo there.


3. day: Cape-Greko – the inspection of a Greko degree


  • On top of Europe's end board bandage a band. 
    Here meets Europe, Asia and Africa. I stepped here over Asia's area
  • Visiting the Hungarian Day in Cyprian where I was a guest and the evening visiting the city Limassol


4. day: Visiting  Deryneia city


  • ciprus5

    Meeting Nicos Lilis the Deryneia Deputy Mayor at border zone. A village was built in the zone, where it is possible to see Famagusta, into the dead city „the barbed wire fence extends here, where I bound my peace band.

  • Culture Museum of Famagusta and  overview with a telescope  to the ghost city
  • In the Cultural centre of Famagusta it was the bygones before 41 years presented.

We separated from Nicos Lilis with the pledge Cyprus is going to be reuniting again and I am invited as well because I have contributed to the peace already. He sounded that under 41 years nobody bound a peace band on the barbed wire.  It was true because on the wire were only rusty angles visible. 


I would like to say thanks for the successful tour for: ​

Csatári Zoltán lieutenant colonel, contingent's leader of Famagusta and being thankful for  the opportunity of a visit the camp

– For Nagy Péter, for the representative of UN's Nicosia Hungarian, for the opportunity of the visit on the contingent

Kantár György Lieutenant and Hungarian camp's commander of Arhinoum, for the kind hospitality
– For Budapest Ciprusi Nagykövetség and Ács Viktória 
– For a travel agency Unitravel, for the experience of the pleasant travel

– For Nicos Lilis, Deryneia Deputy Mayor for the program and friendly welcome 
– For Kirner Zsuzsanna for a tour guide, for his unselfish and tireless work
– For Local Bike Cyprus for the bicycle 

– For Wolf Attila and for his wife Klára, for the help and for the memorable cheerful minutes

– For Zelei Dorottya, for her work provided in translation and organization
– For Ferencz Enikő they Cyprus PVK president, for the help provided in the forming of the programs, transport, the translation
– For Kovácsvölgyi Hajnalka, for the organization of the tour