„Peace is not simply the non-existence of war. 
Peace is the universal unit – heart. 
Peace is the presence of harmony, love, satisfaction and oneness.

Peace is the flow of love in the world family.

External war is the war, which people fight against people, nations against nations.

Internal war is the war, which is fought by the soul against its boundaries, ignorance, doubt and death.

External war is only over when internal war is ended. 

We always grow from within, not from the outside. 

Plants grow from the seeds under the ground, not the other way around.”

 /Sri Chinmoy/

Jozsef Zelei Cycling Peace Ambassador

I am Jozsef Zelei, cyclist of the cycling peace mission “On Two Wheels in the World”.

Gandhi walked, Forrest Gump ran in the movie, and I have been cycling around the World on my simple two wheels for 13 years in the name of peace.

During this time I have organized 22 peace tours, completed over 60000 kilometers in 70 countries/states, on my pedaling “wire-donkey” and carrying my precious Peace-book with me. I have visited almost all the countries in Europe, and pedaled in North America (USA and Canada) and Latin America (Cuba).

In 2013 I visited Australia, Tasmania and New Zeeland.
In 2014/15 I biked throughout the front lines of the Great War for the memory of the 100. Anniversary the I. World War. I visited the memorial places of the eastern and western front. From the Atlantic ocean to the Baltic sea, from Paris – to Riga.

I started my tours in 2004 the year when my country joined the EU, and on the 90th Anniversary of the First World War I cycled to Premysl to place a girdle on the memorial site as a commemoration for the Hungarian heroes. 

In 2005 I did the same in a memory of the victims of the metro terrorist attacks in London at the Victoria Memorial.

In 2006 I crossed the Balkans, and through Tirana I reached Corfu Island.

In 2007 I prayed my respect in the port of Oslo, at the eternal Flame of Peace, cycling via Warsaw, the Baltic, St Petersburg, Scandinavia and Copenhagen.

In 2008 the aim was the Atlantic Ocean and Lisbon. My route stopped in Madrid to place flowers in memory of the victims of the Atoka Station attacks.

In 2009 I completed the El Camino as a cycling pilgrim and placed a Hungarian peace memorial pole in Finistere, at the Atlantic Ocean.  The same year the Hungarian National Anthem was intoned for my honor in Burgos at the terror memorial.

In 2010 I planted 16 Peace Trees in the Hungarian county towns and in Budapest. The Dalai Lama anointed my Peace Book. Since 2011 I cycled every year in Europe for remembering the terrorist attacks of 11 September. 2001.

On 11 of September 2011 I was present at the 10. Year Anniversary memorial celebrations in New York, and played my respect to the victims. 
At the “Peace Wall” next to Ground Zero I could place the children’s’ drawings which I was collected by the competition, titled “What I Think about Peace”, 

I arrived to New York after visiting Boston, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, and then I admired the Niagara Falls, and welcomed me in the Washington Ministry of Foreign Affairs and after that I was the guest of the United Nations Organization in New York. 

In 2012 my mission continued with the “Széchenyi Memorial Tour Cooperation without Borders”.

In 2013 I took the peace massage of the Hungarian Panorama World Club to Hungarian associations in Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Auckland and Wellington. During my mission I was greeted by numerous celebrities, politicians, statesmen, ambassadors, city mayors, who welcomed me and patronized my tours.
I cycled for the peace, family, women, against terrorism, for equal rights, for the environment. 

In my book which has become known as the “Bible of Peace” I have thoughts written in every European language.

In 2013 during the “Peace Tour for Hungarians in 2013”I visited Transylvania, Szekelyfold and Transcarpathia.  The distance was 3000 kilometers, and the focus was on visiting the local Hungarians and the associated clubs of the Panorama World Club.

In 2014 I completed the “Centennial Cycling Peace Tour – In Memory of the Heroes of First World War.”, during I cycled along the Budapest-Sarajevo-Doberdo-Verdun-Reims-Oostend-Paris often following the path of the entrenchments trough the south frontline. I nearly visited 100 memorial sites, battle fields, memorials, museums, soldiers shrines, where I placed 2 memorial poles, 25 memorial stones, 13 girdles and 50 meters of national peace ribbon to pay my respect to the Hungarian and international heroes.  I brought with me real Hungarian soil on my bike, which I threw onto the sepulchral mounds, thus, even though only symbolically, but the Hungarian heroes can now rest in homeland soil

2015. II. Cycling centennial peace tour
Budapest – Gorlice – Przemysl – Baltic Sea – Riga
This tour was similar to my 2014 tour closed with the big international success and with an acknowledgement. In this year I visit the battlefields, memorial places of the First World War but now, not the western and south front, but the eastern front along.