2014. Budapest- Párizs Kerékpáros Centenáriumi Béketúra


This is my 17. Cycling peace tour and I bow for the 100.Anniversary of the First World War. This tour I recommended for the heretical death to my great-grandfather at Doberdo and the memory of all soldiers who died and have given their life for the homeland.

The centennial cycling peace tour last from 10th of June 2014 until 20 of July and was recommended for the First World War

I would like to say thanks to everybody who helped me under or during my tour

Let rather the numbers and the facts speak instead of me
I biked nearly 4.000 km
I visited nearly 100 memorial places of the First World War
I set up 2 wooden headboards 

10 national wreaths, 

50 m of epigraphically national band, 

I placed 13 memory stones which were supplied by crosses and national bands

I scattered Hungarian land at the Hungarian graves

In 30 sites directed for me festive reception

15 town halls received me

I was an association's guest from 2 First World War traditional organization
I met the representative of 7 high-ranking offices
I visited 6 foreign Hungarian organizations 

I collected 50 paintings from Hungarian and from other foreign countries and I conveyed it in Paris, trough the multicultural program which is world alone standing and called Peace Pale, which was organized by Hegedűs Tímea 

I gave more than 100 interviews, which appeared in Hungarian- Serb- Bosnian-Croatian- Italian- Slovene- Switch and French televisions and newspapers.

In 14th of July 2014 I may have the special honor that I could see the military parade  in the gift box, where was not only remembered for the French's national day, but they lasted First World War centennial commemoration with 72 countries.

Lastly I took part in Székesfehérvár in a Zichy grove, in “Magyar 17 Honvéd Gyalogezred” commemoration, I donated a flag band and I hanged it “Magyar Honvédség Összhaderőnemi” onto commandership ornament flag. 

With my road, I managed to mediate the message of my bicycle tour more than 100.000 people, and attract attention of the public opinion to the senselessness of the war and inhumanity. I bowed for heros's memory who sacrificed the most expensive one, their life in the war.

Of course, than the panorama a world club's Burgenland president, I brought the club's flag and I advertised the thought of the boundless champing all the time.

The route of my 2014 mission and his stations
Eger – Maklár – Budapest – Dabas – Örkény – Szeged – Szabadka – Újvidék – Szarajevo – Split – Rijeka – Triest – Isonzó valley going on – Piave valley going on – Nervesa – Monte Grappa – Trento – Bolzano – Zurich – Basel – Sochaux – Nancy – Verdun – Reims – St Quentin – Cambrai – Yepres – Oostend – Arras – Paris

I took the signs of the respect to remarkable theatres of war like:
Isonzo valley: Monfalcone, Lago di Doberdo, Fogliano Redipuglia, Monte San Michel, San Martino del Carso, Visintini, Goricia, Kobarid (Caporetto) 
Piave valley: Nervesa, Monte Grappa,
French – Belgian front: Verdun, Arres, Yepres, Oostend, Paris