2013. Erdély-Székelyföld-Kárpátalja túra

The thought of a tour Transilvania-Székelyföld-Transcarpathia came out at the time of a friendly talk. I had been in so many cities, but I did not visit beyond the border the Hungarians.

23. 08. 2013 Start from Budapest in Heroes' Square

24.08. We cross the border at Ártánd and Nagyvárad comes.

26.08. Kalotaszentkirály our host Vincze Kecskés István and the following day he show us the village. 

Finally it got rived we can see the palaces of Bánffyhunyad… than after climbing the roof of Körös we arrive Cluj Napoca 

27.08. We spend 2 and half days in Cluj Napoca. The program is to go to the city hall, Magdó János and the consul general accompany us and there we are the guests of Horváth Anna deputy mayors. After that the spectacles are coming, and we visit the Tordai salt mine, Tordai cleft and some optional Torockó programs. 

The other kind welcome expected us by Sallai János mayor, and by national costume dressed girls and boys who gave us a performance in the local cultural centre. (Csorba Zsuzsi president of PVK was a between them) Pörneki Andris the Hungarian president was concerned there.

30. 08 Our next stop is the Szekely’s capital Marosvásárhely. We stayed there 2 days, and accommodation was in Marosszentgyörgyi in a parsonage.

 I met in Marosvásárhely with the Szilágyi Eszter the vice president of Erdélyi Kárpát Egyesület and with her friends, Boér Karcsi the journalist, who made a report with me and with the parsonage's leader, with his employees and with Kovács Lőrinc consul who I got acquainted in Australia.

31.08 It was only raining. I bade farewell to Marosvásárhely and I took the road towards Szováta. 
We may say thanks for 2 pleasant days to Pál Tamás in his luxury hotel.

03.09. Parajd came. We are guests of Kálmán Imre who lives in Prajd and we visit the salt mine. In Korond we may have admired an artist's workshop and works of Józsa János ceramist. It was 8 P.M when we already arrived the Romantika guesthouse in Székelyudvarhely which proprietor was Mózes István. 

During my road we dropped to the acidulous water ebullition because our next stop is going to be Tolvajos roof and ghlat.
We cannot leave out in Homoród baths our Lobogó guesthouse because Berde László waited for us with a delicate lunch. It was a very good idea because even a serious interview became round.

In Csíkszereda I was received by the consulate Dr Zsigmond Barna Pál.

We spend a pleasant lunch with the office's colleagues and direction and we went to Madéfalva, to the memorial place of the Székely’s danger. Naturally the camera followed all of my steps. There were the local motorcyclist leader Lajos and Szentes Csaba waiting for me.

05.09. Csíksomlyó

In Csíkszépvíz we stopped to admire.

We arrived to Gyimesfelsőlok. My first road drives to Karácsony Csabi, then to the father of Baliga Csabi, and finally I visited Tímár Zsombor mayor and his colleagues. 

The accommodation would have been in the Liceum, but we talked with Berszán father and we changed the plan.

 09.07. Gyimesfelsőlok.  Because of the organization the day before we arrived at Berszán father places at 8 a clock and we sleep there.

08.09. We start with substantial breakfast and Tankó István expected us at 1 P.M he is the proprietor of Piposz tanya. 

The next programs were Gyimesbükk, Rákóczi castle, 1000 year old border.In the morning there were -2 degrees the roof of the car was clear ice.

09.09.  The following day we start and our road drives to Gyimesközéplok and to the town hall where Mihók Péter the mayor is waiting. Naturally we went to Gyimesbük, up to the castle and we leave our national bands there.

The next aim is Pusztina, and the Pusztina Csángó . We went to Nisztor Tinka.

Trough Pustina after Karácsonkő we crossed the direction to the frog reservoir. 

11.09 Békás. Growing up early I am going to have a murderous day. The frog pass and the murderous lake.

13.09 Gyergyószentmiklós Press conference in the Astoria with Mezei János mayor and he found out there that the surprise came on two wheels.

 We do not stay long in Héviz and take our direction to Galonya. We are there around 20 clocks received cordially by Kemény Nagy Géza.

15.09  Galonya. The next day fell through, but we start, the road is tolerable, there are so many mushrooms until we reach Istenszéke… by the time god gives us a smile and it lightens up a little.

The landscape is beautiful and the “ Szék” ……At the evening there is a rock concert by the titanium band in Szászrégen…At end of the concert I was given an interview to the local radio with the front man of the band.

15. 09 Towards Szászrégen.

16.09 We go towards Nagybánya. It rains, incline wind … nothing new. We stay in a guesthouse in Nagybánya by very kind Rumanian women.

17.09 I go towards Máramarossziget  It rains and the wind is cold. Jóna Bálint gives us dinner and accommodation.

18.09 Máramarossziget. I bike in the local area and we stay there a little. Tomorrow we cross the border.

19.09 Máramarossziget. Waking up early and going to the border.  On the other side of the river there are bikers from Aknaszlatina. I was exepted by the consulate Nagy Ignác consul and Kocserga János mayor and substitute lord.

Sub-Carpathia. Let's go to Tisza provenance– Körös field, Rahó.
I have a constant attendant Katyó. I start with him the heaviest most beautiful and most exciting cycling section of my life.  Bíró Andris and the UAZ waits for us with a cool driver. We arrive in time in Técsőre. We get a festive welcome. 

We meet Száva Józsi the PVK president, with Ambrus Pál and with bikers
who want to come with us tomorrow. Száva Józsi invited us for a “sauna” dinner.

21. 09. Técső .Today is the city day here, we would like to stay, but no way. The mayor would like to meet me. 
Nagyszőlös  than comes Nevetlenfalu. The road is terrible, but cute welcome. 

Batár – Tüzes Pál biofarm, fantastic

Munkács. An enormous procession and in a very good time that everybody’s chin fall finally. 

Beregszász, where Kázmér Dávid are waiting at the petrol station.
We meet at breakfast on Babják Zoltan mayor who presents the city and with Tóth István we lay a wreath on Petőfi Sándor sculpture. 

There is an enormous party in Munkács.  Today is the car-free day and now I am the special guest.  Our accommodation is in a parsonage. 

Verecke Pass is only a facultative program. We leave at 6 o‘clock. The wheatear is terrible. We see nothing. Afterwards back to Munkács and go to the direction Uzhgorod.

I was greeted by Lovas Ilona, Hungary's Ungvári Főkonzulátus, Dupka Nándor the leader of the regional community of the panorama, Rigó István KMDFKSZ president, and Dupka György, MÉKK president.
I was pleased by Marcsák Gergely, Ungvári Dayka Gábor high school doctrine and Krón Melinda, a national university's lecturer with Transcarpathian Hungarian with poets' poem to set into music and Hungarian folksongs.


24.09 Uzhgorod. After a substantial sleep and breakfast I was greated by Bacskai József a consul general.

I turn back in Gálocs, in Téglás and Csap. Everywhere in these places I visit schools. 

Finally in Hungary. Eger is a direction. In the evening sleeps everybody in their Hungarian home.

Eger. In the morning meeting at the thrower space friends are coming and, Habis László mayor's welcome me in the county hall.

 Let's go to Budapest. We arrive at 16 o’clock

Zelei József