2011. Két keréken – Amerikában kerékpártúra


In 2011 will be the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks perpetrated in New York. For 7 years all of my tours happened in the memory of the World Trade Center attacks 

All 10 of my Memorial Tours to date – every time 2,001th  September 11, remembered the buy-out.  The Tour started every time from the „Peace Square” in Budapest.  I visited 36 countries in Europe.  I rode a bicycle 30.000 km.  Spent approximately 225,000 minutes in the saddle and wrapped at least 10 million times on the pedal. 

 During my tours from year to year across Eurpe – with the help of the press and the media, politicians, town leaders, and the population – I commemorate  for September 11, for the terror attack in New York.  This is the base for the 2011 Washington – New York memorial tour as well, which is planned as follows:

 During summer in 2011 I will visit to the United States of America, Washington DC.  Here I would like to meet and pass my peace book to the Nobel Peace Prize winner President Mr. Barack Obama.  The reason it provides to meet -since he is the world's peace ambassador – and I am the non-official cycling peace ambassador in Europe. 

 On the September 11th 2011 I will arrive in New York  City  with my bike and exactly at 8.46 am, on the former WTC site I will let  to fly relics copy of flag garlands made by Hungarian children.

 Of course, I would like to meet with the leaders of Washington and New York City as well
in remembering of what has happened.  The detailed program has been prepared by the New York and Washington organizers.